FAQs of Wonder Wallet

Q.  What’s the material of this wallet and is it durable?
A. This wallet is made of genuine leather, which is very tough and durable. As you can see the video online that indicates how durable this wallet is.

Q. Is the wallet card holder sturdy?
A. The answer is yes, This wallet is desighed with plastic to make this wallet doesn’t rip easily. Besides, the holder have some small tabs in the center of the pocket to keep the cards secure.

Q. Can this card wallet hold case?
A. Yes, it can. Wonder wallet has a separate cash compartment to keep currency notes in.

Q. Is it safe to hold credit care by using wonder wallet?
A. Yes, it is much safer than other wallet. It is provided with RFID blocking technology, which prevents remote scanning of cards kept inside and guards private information.

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